Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's been a pretty good day. I'm training with another admin to take over for the 3rd admin who is leaving. Which kind of sucks, as I will be getting ANOTHER position, which will bring my grand total up to 5 positions. But it will be okay. I had a phone "conversation" this afternoon, and will be hearing if I will be meeting with her in person. *Fingers crossed*
On to the knitting. I realized yesterday that I wrote a long post, but I didn't mention any knitting. I didn't really work on it during the weekend but I got several inches done during lunch on Monday. I have 22 inches complete, so I am well past the "frog point", and I still have a good amount of yarn from the frog point, so I am no longer worried about knitting a too short scarf. 
I helped one of my co-workers find some lotion online and told her where she could get it, so she brought me a small tube of it. I don't remember the company name right now, but maybe I'll edit this tonight. But I was really touched that she thought of me. It was probably the best part of my day. The rest was spent with a headache.

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