Monday, March 27, 2006

Peas of Fire- An Adventure in Ethiopian Cuisine

Yesterday was an adventure in food. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant in Ann Arbor. It was very interesting, the food wasn't bad, just different. It was very communal, we had what was called a "basket table" which is a wicker basket on a stand that the 6 of us sat around. There were 3 small side tables for drinks. We all ordered the "Ethiopian Feast". There were about 6 vegetarian dishes, a lot of peas and lentils, though the collard greens were pretty good. The dishes with peas were not like the green peas you get here, they were more ground into a paste. The texture was quite odd, and I didn't really find it to be pleasant. The "spicy peas" we renamed to be the "fire peas", and was ordered as "the peas of fire". I am not a fan of peas and beans because of the texture. Then there were the meat dishes, 2 chicken, 1 beef, and one mystery (I think it was pork, but I didn't hear what the server told us it was). The beef was yummy, and the mild chicken was good. But the chicken and pork were still on the bone, Almost like it was stewed in a big pot in pieces, and some of the meat fell off. Actually, that's probably how it was cooked. The way you are supposed to eat is to tear a piece of the bread (which was interesting- like a pita style bread, but very spongy and elastic feeling)  and use the bread to pinch up a bit of whatever, meat, peas, cabbage.  I cannot say I would go there for dinner again, but the dessert. Oh the dessert. I had dark chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce. It was so rich and delicious. J had the chocolate pate, with cherries and almonds in a mint sauce.   
Today, I am just angry now. I am really unhappy where I am at and need to move on. Just a matter of finding a new position to move into. But it happier news, I have 45 inches done on the scarf.  I just have to focus on the positive.

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