Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not much better

Today isn't much better than yesterday. But now I know why yesterday was particularly bad. PMS! Yea!
I've only gotten another inch and a half done on the scarf since yesterday, but that's okay. I'll have some photos  coming soon. Not only of the scarf, but also of the mini-meme challenged to all participants of Project Spectrum. There's quite a lot of Red in my life, so we'll see what photographs well.
I went to the hospital, and Papa was having a lot of trouble breathing. He still hadn't caught up on his breath by the time I left. Luckily my Aunt visited after me and helped him get his breathing treatment and some ear-drops. According to my mom, he is doing better this morning. They finally got the test results that would tell them which antibiotic to give him, so they started that today. Hopefully in another couple of days he'll be able to come home.
I spent 2 hours playing squelchies last night, helping my mom to get the super badge too. OH MY GOD. I do not think I will be playing that game again for a very long time. It was fun, and I'm glad I could help her out with it, but my god, that's a lot of squelchies. I played 36 or so rounds of 3 "waves" or boards each. Yeah. I said 36.  Non-stop. Fun, but at the same time, not fun.
This site was posted on the Knittyboard. it has a listing of companies and how to get directly to a human on their customer service phone number.  I HATE HATE HATE trying to navigate the computer systems where you actually have to SAY things. The computer voice will ask "Please say the name of the department you want to contact" and you have to SAY "Customer Service" or "Billing" or whatever. Those IMMEDIATELY piss me off. And when I do speak to a customer service rep I will ask them to put a note in that I find those very difficult to use, and would rather not have to deal with it. I am very polite and nice about it, because I know its not the customer service reps fault, I just hope that enough people will say that and changes will happen. But I'm not holding my breath.

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