Monday, March 06, 2006

Nearing the finish

I just have to bind off the Julie Scarf and its finally done. It looks really cute so far with the fringe.  I should I have pictures of it later this week.
The reason I got it done? My computer needed a re-format, so while I was installing and downloading all of the utilities and programs I use I worked on it. Now my computer is in tip-top shape and I've almost got another project completed.
J and I spend the weekend at home. I didn't leave except to go to the grocery store on Sunday morning. J had to go to an auto parts store on Saturday to get a part to fix his sisters car. But tonight we have plans. We are going to have dinner with 2 other couples. It should be a good time.
Oh and expect a new flickr badge for Project Spectrum, as well as pictures in the near future.


  1. Thought I'd stop in since you popped in my blog!

    Beer making! How cool! Was it very hard/expensive to get into? I'd like to try it sometime.


  2. Oh, forgot to mention the toque! Nope, originally from California, but, em, frequent usage of the word from my online telemark skiing forum has got me using it too now!