Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's our Anniversary- OR Why I am a jerk

I'm just going to get it out there. I forgot our anniversary. I feel so dumb. J sent me the most beautiful white roses, which are my favorite roses. It took me calling him and having him ask "Don't you know what today is?" for me to remember. Any gift I thought about getting him seemed shallow and insincere, so I'm not getting him anything right now. In a few weeks I'll have a surprise delivered to his work to show him how much I care.  This weekend we are going to go out to eat and celebrate it then. I still feel dumb though.
On to good, semi-knitting news. Last night I went to the dentist after work. I really like my hygienist, she is really sweet and out-going, and loves to talk. And either she has a great memory, or writes notes after each appointment, because she always seems to remember what's going on in my life. Things like being engaged, what kind of work I do, that I'm looking for new work, what color I painted my living room, etc. She is also very artistic, and does painting on the side. (Apparently she does paintings on old windows that look really cool, but I haven't seen them) She also knows that I knit and saw me working on my grandma's scarf in the waiting room. When I showed her my french market bag and told her how I made it she made such a big deal out of it, telling me that she thought I got it at an upscale store and paid a lot of money for it. Then when the dentist came in to look at my teeth (which btw, are looking fantastic) she told him that I made it, and HE made a big deal out of it. I was surprised to say the least. Then my hygienist wanted to see the scarf I was working on, so I showed her, and she called in another hygienist to look at it, and told her about my bag. And hygienist #2 made a big deal out of my knitting too. It doesn't stop there, when I was making my next appointment, my hygienist told the receptionist that I had made my bag and they made a big deal out of it again. I never thought my knitting would get that much notice and attention anywhere, much less the dentist! It was such a good feeling.
And speaking of my grandma's scarf, I have to rip back 1 row, then knit the 2x2 rib border for 5 rows. Then I'm DONE. I'm surprised by how quickly this knit has gone. I've really enjoyed working with the Homespun, even though it worms and splits like nobody's business. I wonder if I can find anymore self-striping colors of this yarn. I would like to have my own scarf in this stuff.
And now for the hard part, trying to think of my NEXT project. I'm thinking of starting a pink baby blanket, even though I don't know anyone who is going to have a baby. I would love to have several baby blankets done in different styles and colors just in case someone I know gets pregnant. If only because it takes me so darned long to knit something. I want to try a cotton blend yarn this time, and I'm not sure which one to try. I was thinking KnitPicks Crayon. I want to use the pink for sure. If it turns out good I would want to get the colors Azure and Lime for 2 other blankets. I don't much like to use actual "baby" colors. I'm thinking of using THIS pattern for the first one, but I'm not sure if the Crayon would look right, since the texture would obscure most of the stitch definition. What I'll probably do is go to my LYS and take a look at what they have. They're really helpful, and I'm sure they could find something perfect, and within budget.  

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