Monday, March 20, 2006

It's been... something...

It's been a while since I've posted here, I usually like to post most days, but I've been busy. So here's a run down of the happenings in the land of me. Thursday: Had a half day at work to go to an "appointment" in Detroit. While I don't think the appointment will result in the desired action, its okay. There will be future opportunities with this office, so once I hear more, I'll post more info. I apologize for the cryptic message. While in Detroit, J and I went to a fancy dinner in the building where he works. Oh my goodness, the food was GREAT. The house salad dressing was amazing, and dessert... YUM. Friday: Nothing really. Just hung out at home, drank some beers in honor of the holiday, and played some video games. Nice and relaxing. Instead of writing a blog entry I worked on my template. I have a new background different colors. Let me know what you think of the changes. I have some more stuff to add, I want to put a banner up, but my Photoshop skills are non-existent. Saturday: J had gotten tickets through his work to go to David Copperfield at the Fox Theater. He got suite tickets, which came with free parking, and a dinner buffet before the show. Once again, the food was amazing! Typically, even good buffets are just so-so, but this buffet was great. As in, if I had ordered this food from a restaurant, I would have been impressed. I could go on and on about the food. Oh, and the show was good too. I'm a little skeptical of magic, but the showmanship and the execution of the tricks were amazing. I could almost believe that it was really happening as it appeared. It's definitely something I would see again. After the show we went back to our friends house to see their new puppy. They had just adopted the 12-week old puppy that morning. She is so sweet. It's a female Lab/ Newfoundland mix, and she had to have one of her eyes removed (apparently from a genetic defect, and the person who bred her surrendered her for adoption). But she is so eager to please and has such a happy disposition. I wish I had a picture of her to post. And actually, I just got an email with a link to Flickr pictures! Here is Caroline! Sunday: J and I were lazy in the morning, then he worked on his sisters car while I continued to be lazy. Then I got cleaned up and went to my mom's to see my aunt, whom I have not seen in nearly a year. From there we visited my grandma and papa, then went back to my mom's for dinner. Then it was off to the grocery store. And then I was lazy again. And now, here I am, at work. with a headache and not really wanting to be here.

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  1. What a cute puppy. Looks like a real sweetheart.