Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I tried, I really tried...

...but blogger wouldn't upload my pics. I got a few of the Julie scarf uploaded in Flickr, but they did not turn out very well. So today, it was back into the lab. Since the lighting worked out pretty well for me yesterday, I figured it would be better today. And boy, was it. Once I get home I'll upload the new pics, replace the crappy ones, and show the world the HUGE knot in the yarn I'm using for my grandma's scarf.
We got new dishes. J's boss was kind enough to give us place settings for 12 of some dishes she had. Apparently, she likes to buy dishes, and has far too many. So when she heard what color we painted the kitchen she offered us a set that she had. They are solid colored, in a pretty green and yellowy cream. From Pottery Barn. I am so excited and happy, and surprised by the generosity of others. Of course, I wrote a nice thank you note, and if I ever see her in person I will thank her again.  I may even take some pictures to post here.
I had a headache last night from about 4:30 until I went to bed at 10:30. Then,at about 12:45, I got a phone call that woke me up. No message, from a "restricted" number. I was pissed. If you are going to wake me up out of a dead sleep, at least have the decency to leave a voicemail, wrong number or not!
Headache or not, I managed to knit a few rows on my grandma's scarf. I've got about 7 inches complete, as I worked on it at lunch time today too. I'm going to show it to her tonight to see what she thinks. I'm worried that it may be a little too wide for what she wanted and if its the case, I'll frog it and start over thinner. I'm sure she'll try to tell me not to, since "I've worked so much on it already" but really, if its thinner, I'll get 7 inches done quicker, and it will be exactly what she wants.
Oh, and remember the position I didn't get? And the HR manager mentioned other open positions for me? I have an interview coming up for one of them. Yea!

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