Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am tech support

No pictures last night, and none will likely be posted tonight either. All of my computer time last night was spent reformatting my mom's lap top. She got badly infected by WinFixer. I don't really know WHAT it is, except to say that is annoying, impossible to remove, crap. The good thing is that I learned how to reformat a Dell without a 3.5 floppy drive, the bad news is that it took me 4 hours to learn it. Tonight will be all about the installation of utilities, drivers, and programs. I'm going to remove her Internet Explorer icon and replace it with a Firefox one, with the name "INTERNET". I must say that I am proud of my mom for being as good with the computer as she is. She didn't grow up with it, she doesn't work with computers, hasn't taken any formal training with Windows, but she has really learned about how to use her computer. 
I'm leaving work today at 4:30 for a dentist appointment. Yes, a REAL dentist appointment. Have to get those regular cleanings, you know. The good thing is that I like my dentist and his office, which is making my fear of dental work lessen. 3 years later I'm no longer shaking while sitting in the chair.
Hopefully I'll have time to knit a little bit before the appointment, but I doubt it. I have to run home first, and I think I'm barely going to make it on time.
I know I just changed my blogger template, but I really want to change it again. Be on the lookout for a new template that will match the Project Spectrum colors for April!

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