Monday, March 13, 2006

Frogs??? Where??

Saturday I decided that I was going to have to frog my grandma's scarf. So 18 inches or scarf-y goodness down the drain. But I know how to make the scarf better, and fix all my mistakes. Instead of casting on 28 sts, I'm going to cast on 20 to make it narrower. I am going to keep my ribbed border on the short edges, and add a garter stitch border on the long edges. If I was writing it as a pattern it would be:
Cast on 20 sts
Rows 1-5: work in 2x2 rib for 5 rows
Row 6: K20
Row 7: K2, P16, K2
Row 8+: repeat rows 6 and 7
At lunch time I got 4 inches done on the restart.
Anyway, on Friday my grandpa was taken to the hospital. He has a sinus infection and pneumonia. This time, I was merely concerned, instead of my usual full-on anxious worrying. I keep telling myself to get used to it, as he has gone in at least twice a year since the lung cancer. I visited him on Saturday, and J came with me on Sunday. He is getting better every day. I'm going back tonight too. I can get some quality time in with him while working on the scarf.
OMG! It is fantastically Beautiful outside. (yes, with a capital "B") Near 70s in March in Michigan. I love it! I just wish I was outside instead of stuck in front of this computer. Oh well, just a few hours to go.

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