Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Uncertainty No More

Yesterday we were informed that we are being placed on furlough for 2 days. Which is really just 2 days off work with no pay, no penalty. In a way I'm looking forward to having the time off. The other hand is the possibility that it won't work, and layoffs will happen anyway. We'll see. I hope it works.
For Valentine's Day J got me the video game Black and White 2. It is great! I wanted to stay up all night playing. We also played pogo so I could get my badges. I love the games on that site, particularly Lottso! and Quick Quack. I have the membership though. It's really worth it.
I went to Yahoo! Avatars today and got a picture for my blog. It's supposed to look like me, but it's not that close. Maybe someday I'll post a real picture. Once I feel a little more comfortable putting myself out there so to speak. I'm a little paranoid of people finding out my personal information. I don't mind if people I know in real life know this is my site, which is why I have no problem posting pictures of my cat, knitting projects, etc. but at the same time I don't use my fiancé's name, my name, and as few other names as possible.
Yeah, and I still have not posted the pictures of the Finished FMB. I took the pictures on Sunday when it was really sunny and nice. Rare for Michigan in February. maybe tonight if I don't get sucked into B&W2.

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  1. I like those pogo games too. Right now I'm really into playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo DS.