Monday, February 27, 2006

Long Weekends make the weekdays longer

I had my two days off un-paid. It was quite fun. I went shopping with my mom on Thursday and spent about $26. For that $26 I got 2 sweaters and 6 Yankee Candle votives. I was hitting the clearance racks pretty hard. I almost NEVER find great deals like that. One of the sweaters was only $6! It was the only one of its style left, and the color (pink) and size (large) were perfect for me. Yankee Candle has a new spring scent called Lemon Lavender. It is lovely, and was completely sold out in the votives. :( Someday I am going to find that and buy out the entire store's stock. It was that yummy. 
On Friday I picked up our tax returns from the accountant. We are getting twice as much as I thought we were going to get. Yea! We're each getting some fun money, a few bills will be paid off, and some will go into savings. I'm trying to decide between an ipod, patio furniture, or something-yet-un-named.
Also, Friday night, we had friends over. It was fun, and they stayed over so we could go to Eastern Market in Detroit on Saturday morning. I spend less than $10 and got a cantaloupe, some asparagus, zucchini, and lettuce. Then we went to Pewabic Pottery. I didn't buy anything, but I've decided that I want to tile the bathroom in the Stratton Tiles. They are kind of pricy, but they are beautiful.
I really did not want to come back to work today after the last 4 days. I just had so much fun, though I was busy the whole weekend. Not that its going to end or thing, I think J and I are going to bottle up the pilsner tonight. If I choose to get the patio furniture, I'm sure we'll have a summer tasting party for it. Actually, we'll probably have the party even if we don't have the furniture. Speaking of, I'm trying to convince J that we NEED to put in a brick patio, especially if my knitting pal can get us some weathered bricks from her dad. I won't know if I won this battle until later this year.
I am about half way through the Julie Scarf. It's really coming together now. I just need to buckle down and get it done. My grandma gave me a skein of BouclĂ© and I am going to make her a scarf with it too. So that means I have 2 scarves to do. Oh well. I just haven't felt like knitting. I hope that maybe I'll get over this slump once I get the Julie Scarf done. I don't think I like knitting for other people. Maybe my knitting was just meant to be mine.

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