Friday, February 10, 2006

I am lazy in 500+ words.

I'm sitting here at work, trying to be interested in doing something. But really, I'm not. The requisitions just hold no allure. Monday, there will be much work to do, but for today, the requisitions are going to have to wait. Not to mention that its looking like Monday will have an announcement of 2 days off un-paid for everyone in the plant. Oh, I how I love the auto industry!
And still no knitting has been done, nor have I decided what my next new project will be. I must be in a rut this week. The only things I've really done this week entertainment wise have been to read a cheesy romance novel and watch TV. There were back-to-back Red Wing's games on, both against the Nashville Predators. The Wing's totally smoked them on Wednesday, and then squeaked by 3-2, with the 3rd goal coming with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd. At least, I think it was 6 minutes left, I went to bed before the 3rd period as I was completely exhausted, so I only heard about it on the radio. What the hey, you can read about it here.  I've been too lazy to take the pictures of the Finished French Market Bag, that I promised. Maybe I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow morning in natural light. Thank goodness J is bring home some pizza dough, and all I need to do is cook up some bacon and slice some mushrooms for dinner tonight. He'll take care of the rest. He is the master at making pizza, and I won't hardly have to cook.
Saturday we'll be getting together with our friends, and the guys are going to play cards, and the girls will probably knit. I'm hoping we can go to a yarn shop so maybe I'll be inspired. I kind of want to get some Noro, as I hear constantly how beautiful the colors are, though its not the softest until washed. Then I've heard of Koigu, which is supposed to be really great too. I guess I'm just going to have to walk around and touch everything I see. Or maybe I'll just splurge on a knitting book instead of yarn, and use the sweater I'm going to recycle to knit dishcloths. (which I was also too lazy to do this week) Then, next pay I can get some yarn for a project. Hmm... I'm liking the sound of that.
Today, a girl I work with had flowers delivered for Valentine's Day. It was really sweet. But then, I started thinking about Valentine's Day. Last year, J and I decided that we were not going to do anything for VD, but then he bought me a picture for the living room. And I hadn't gotten him anything. We haven't talked about it this year, money is kind of tight from the whole car insurance change over, so I don't know what I'm going to do. I know I will get him some candy, as we both love sweets. But other than that, I'm not sure.

I can't believe I wrote more than 500 words about how lazy I am. Wow.

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