Thursday, February 02, 2006

He's just a little guy!

Somehow Duke-the-Jerk managed to break my computer. He's a Cat! A jackass cat to be sure, but a cat nonetheless! How did he break my computer, you ask? Well, it was a chain of events to be sure. 1st: The environment- I have a desktop computer and a regular computer desk. The kind with an open spot near the floor to put the tower. There is a support bar running vertically across the back of the desk, which has a lip that lines up PERFECTLY with the power supply switch. If I push the computer back too far, it flips the switch, and turns the computer off. 2nd: Duke is crazy- Duke likes to launch himself off of my computer chair and run like a maniac around the house. 3rd: The accident- Duke launched himself off the task chair, ramming it into the computer tower, which pushed the tower back to turn off the power supply. But that normally doesn't break a computer, normally. I don't know what the special circumstances were, but when I went to restart my computer, windows wouldn't start. I would get to the "Window's couldn't start properly, please choose which mode you want to start in: Safe mode, regular, etc." screen. Which ran in a continuous loop of restarting and that screen. Not fun.
I took a picture last night of my ugly pajama bottoms and slippers in honor of this post on Knitty. I would NEVER wear my pink heart pajama pants, or the faux-payless-trying-to-be-$10-Uggs-house slippers in public. Even if they are the most comfortable clothing known to man. Hopefully I can get my computer up and running tonight and get that picture on here. Its actually quite a good picture, at least on the LCD screen of the digital camera. I'll try to add a new picture of the "little guy" as well, since I am trying to post more pictures in here. Expect a lot of posts edited-to-add-pictures in the future. *edited to add pictures!*
Worked on my FMB today at lunch. I've got 1 inch to go on the body, then its on to the handles. I thought I would have been able to get more done while I was off work for the last few days, but nothing really got done. I should get a few rows in tomorrow, as I have 2 doctors appointments. 8:00am with the Oral Surgeon, and 4:00pm with the OB/GYN. With work in-between it should be quite the pleasant day.

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