Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a long weekend. We went on Saturday to Best Buy- J's iPod wouldn't take a charge, so we exchanged it. Then we went to our friends house and hung out. As usual, the guys played cards and Jen and I knit. Another girl was there, but she gave up knitting after her animals destroyed all of her projects. Anyway, we decided that it would be a great idea to go to Eastern Market in Detroit on Sunday morning, so J and I stayed over. Turns out the market is closed on Sundays, luckily we checked the internet before driving to Detroit. Instead we went to Whole Foods in Ann Arbor. I have organic apples to take for lunch this week! Yum. We made plans to spend the 25th in Detroit, going to Eastern Market and probably eating at one of the restaurants that opened for the Super Bowl. We decided that the best way to make Detroit a better place is to actually go places. I have a feeling that Jen and I are going to be going to City Knits too. I love a good yarn shop.
Speaking of yarn, I have frogged and restarted the Julie scarf 3 times now. I have decided that being fancy is just not worth it. It's not like she is really going to notice that its not fancy. It's going to be garter stitch the long way, and have fringe. I also started taking out the seems on my Gap sweater-soon-to-be-dish cloths. Its slow going, but I'm not in any hurry. I bough the Stitch and Bitch book too. I'm not sure what I am going to knit from it, but I know that I will be making something as soon as I get my next opportunity to buy more yarn and needles. Probably sometime in March, though it will be tough waiting. I may splurge and get the yarn for the surprise project once I finish the Julie scarf, since I have the right size needles for that project. Or I might use some of the leftover Cascade 220 to make a tighter pair of wrist warmers. Hmm... so many options, so may ideas, but I must finish the scarf first.

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