Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deep breaths...

I am not an auditor. Thank god some people recognize that  fact, but its always the one with "power" that is blind.
Yeah, my job is getting me down a bit. Well, more than a bit. But I cannot make my cat homeless, so still I toil away, chained to the keyboard. There is talk of un-paid time off. Both a blessing and a curse.
No knitting last night. I think I am going to recycle a sweater tonight. I have a 100% cotton Gap sweater that was cream colored, then I got a stain on it, so I decided that dying it brown would be pretty. Well, despite the fact that its 100% cotton, the dye turned out splotchy and not something I could wear. I should get a decent amount of yarn from it, as it is a woman's XL sweater (it was a little big for me, but ever so comfortable). I think I will make some dish-clothes. No, they won't be very pretty, being brown, but that doesn't matter. They'll be stained with grease and tomato sauce very quickly.  Maybe I'll get some tulle and make scrubby cloths too.
Saturday I am going to rip back on the Julie scarf and fix my mistake. I had stopped knitting in the middle of a row, and ended up turning my work when I picked it back up. So I had 4 rows on one side, and 6 rows on the other. I pretty much just need to sit down and knit the whole thing. It should only take a few hours. And then I need to decide on my next project. I kind of want to make a sweater, but then again, I want to make a pair of slippers/socks. Maybe I'll just look for an easy sock pattern, and get some nice sock yarn? I do want to try the 2 circular method of knitting in the round too. Too many projects, too little time.
I think I'm going to take a yoga class. Should be pretty fun.

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