Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yeah, its been a few days

I got all 4 wisdom teeth out. It was kind of a rough recovery. I am now called "Pukey Popo" in honor of the fact that I threw up everything I ate on Saturday, and once at my grandma's yesterday. Chicken broth coming out your nose is NOT cool, let me tell you. I really didn't get much knitting done while I was laid up. I got dizzy if I stood or sat up, so I just spent a lot of time sleeping and trying to eat. The pain has receeded, and I'm only taking Tylenol now, instead of the tylenol- hydrocodone combo they were giving me. The only thing still bothering is me my numb chin and lower lip. It is really quite uncomfortable and tingly. It makes me look funny too. My tongue was numb on day one, but it came back rather quickly. J was great while I was sick, seeing to my every need, except for real mashed potatoes, which is quite funny, especially since it was puking day. I told him I wouldn't have puked up real mashed potatoes. It was funnier in the happening.

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