Monday, January 09, 2006

A productive weekend, but dead tired morning

I got quite a bit done on the FMB this weekend. Just 6 more rows and the bottom increase section will be done. Hopefully I can get that part done today. In the evenings J plays Resident Evil 4 and I knit. It works out quite well for us.
The anxiety has been getting to me again. I'm not able to fall asleep at night, unless I take some Nyquil. Its not healthy, but I just don't really know what to do about it. I don't even know what I'm worried about, I just get to thinking and I just cannot relax enough to get some sleep, no matter how tired I am. Friday night for example. J and I both had to work that day, then we had friends over. They didn't leave until after 2 am, much later than I usually stay up, especially after being up since 7am to go to work. One would think I would be so exhausted I would immediately fall asleep. 45 minutes later I'm still laying there, awake, thinking about shit that doesn't matter. I should look into another counselor, maybe this one by my work. I'll have to check my insurance, and see what is covered.

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