Friday, January 13, 2006

Oh, the Joys of Michigan!

Met up with my friend and his girlfriend from Arizona last night. We went to dinner, and it was quite an amusing conversation as to the strange things we do in Michigan that are not done in AZ. Faygo is a big one. Apparently it is only available in overpriced glass bottles at a gourmet foods store. From someone used to the $1 3-liter bottles, that's quite strange. There is also the "Michigan Left" which is a left turn you make by passing your intersection, making a u-turn, and making a right turn. The man who invented that was a genius. The best part of the evening was the group of men sitting at the table next to ours at dinner. Loudly discussing things that really didn't need to be discussed. Like the one guys grandfathers UTI and how bad it go before he got it checked out because he didn't realize he had one... Also, another guy filed for bankruptcy, and his wife (soon to be ex-wife, maybe? Someone there was getting a divorce) also has a bankruptcy on her credit. There was the guy who got 6.5% financing on his car. I think the bankruptcy guy was also trying to sell his house. I think there were 4 guys at the table, but I'm not exactly sure who was talking at all times. It was quite amusing, though the whole time we were there I was hoping they would leave. But we sat down, ordered, ate, had dessert, and took a few minutes to finish our drinks and the jackasses were still there, and still talking loudly about stuff that really was kind of personal. Though the discussion of the failing malls in the area was quite enlightening, especially when they blamed it on the crummy malls in my town.
Consequently, no knitting was done last night. I got about half a row done at lunch today. I wish it had been more. My fingers are quite itching right now to feel the nice wool running through my fingers as I create a wonderful (hopefully) FMB.

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