Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Geekdom knows no bounds

The pattern for the FMB calls for 49 rows in the round, increasing 8 sts every other round. Being the geek that I am, instead of just marking down rows on my pattern, I made a spreadsheet. I like spreadsheets. I make them for everything, but half the time I don't use them. Even my resume is in MS Excel format (then converted into Adobe Acrobat). So my FMB Stitch/Row Counter spreadsheet has the Row number, Total number of stitches, Number of increases, and a formula to tell me how many stitches go on each of the 4 DPNs I'm using. And so far, I have not lost track yet. And, in my huge geekdom, I copied the picture of the bag from the pattern and inserted it on my spreadsheet, just in case the title wasn't descriptive enough.
So I'm on Row #24 of 49. I'm halfway done with the bottom, and in only 3 days of working on it. Of course, once I got going the first 15 rows were quick and easy, being that there weren't many stitches. Now I've got over 100 its going to take a while longer. I need to find some stitch markers for when I switch over to the circular needle (I can't wait to use my Addi's!) so that way I can tell the difference between the start of a row, and the start of the other 3 needles to make counting to the increases easier (or non-existent in this case). I just wonder how long until I start getting bored.



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