Friday, January 06, 2006

If wishes were dollars

Ever since Scott's sister offered to pay me for knitting for her, I've been thinking about the possibility of turning my hobby into a career. And every single scenario I come up with says "NO FREAKING WAY!!!". Let's pretend for a minute that I make $30,000 per year. Now, lets pretend that it takes me 15 hours to knit one pair of wrist-warmers. At $5.00 per hour that is $75 for the pair, plus materials- $16 for 2 balls of DB Cashmerino as I used on mine (I was short a few yards to get 2 wrist-warmers out of one ball). So we are at $91 per pair. If I wanted to sell enough to cover my current pretend salary, not including benefits, taxes, etc, I would have to sell approx. 330 pairs of wrist-warmers, which, at 15 hours per pair, would take 4,950 hours, or 413 12-hour work days. That's more than a year! Granted, I'm sure I would get faster as I made them, but its just not feasible or worth it monetarily, as I doubt anyone would spend $91 on wrist-warmers, unless Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, or Prada was on the tag. I think I'll keep my hobby as a hobby, and my career as a career.
I have too much work to do that requires too little thinking if this is something I can think about at work. Too bad I can't knit while filing, typing, or posting charts. That seems to be much of what I've been doing lately. It's quite boring. Thank goodness for the posting by email feature here, it can keep my mind somewhat engaged by writing.
I worked on it last night. I got it moved over to my circs, but I don't have quite enough stitches to knit properly with them. So I'm knitting from the circ onto a DPN, then slipping the stitches onto the other side of the circ. Not efficient, but one or two more increases should give me enough stitches. I've finished Row 27 of 49 for the bag bottom. Some day I'll get one of those progress bar thingies for the side bar, but as I am no html guru, it will take me some time to get it perfected.

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