Monday, January 16, 2006

I love the weekends!

This weekend started with a bang. Nothing like having to stay late due to a major quality problem. I just feel bad for the guys who had to go to the customers plant to sort on Saturday. But luckily that theme did not carry over into my weekend.
Friday we hung out at home just played video games and hung out. J was laughing at me because I was playing Lottso! and knitting at the same time. When I had finished my moves for each round I would knit 5 or 6 stitches. It worked out pretty good. I got 2 or 3 rows done that way.
Saturday we have J's dad, sister, and dad's new girlfriend over to the house for J's and his sisters birthdays. It was nice, the girlfriend seems to be pretty normal, not annoying at all. After we went to lunch everyone left, so I got to get some more knitting done. I got my color change done, and I even "Spit Felted" my color change. It makes a bit of a difference so that the row change isn't so obvious. This makes me love working with 100% wool. I've got about 2 inches of the red done, just 8 to 10 to go. (I still have not quite decided how long I want to make it!) Then, Saturday night we had dinner with a co-worker and his wife. It was a good time, though, now I want a Chihuahua. They have 2 of the cutest dogs. They are quite well behaved, if you don't mind having a small dog in your lap licking away at your hand. I don't think the 2 dogs combined weigh as much as the Duke. Oh, and I set up a Catster page for my kitty. Even the dog that doesn't like men was okay with Jason.
We did nothing on Sunday. Grocery shopping, then hung out at home. We hung the acrobat picture frames we got for Christmas, though I think we are going to move them. I played a lot of pogo, and visited with my grandparents. Very relaxing, though J has today off for MLK day, and I have to work, so he got to stay up and watch movies and whatnot, while I had to go to bed early for work.
FMB update- I am on row 11 of ≈ 144 (at most, but I may stop before then) of the red bag body section. For me, this project is moving pretty quickly.

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