Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Duke's done it again. Last night the little jerk got into the garbage, pulling the package from the pork chops into the middle of the kitchen. He also knocked over a plant, and woke us up a few times by pawing at the bedroom door.
Oh top of that, I'm in a crummy mood today. I woke up with a headache, which the aspirin I took has not done anything for, and I am PMSing like crazy. If I wasn't going to be off Friday, I wouldn't have come in to work today. But at lunch time I am going to go to Michael's to look at some yarn. I'm thinking of adding a solid color to Julie's scarf. I'm pretty sure Michael's has Lion Brand Jiffy yarn.
My wrist warmers are starting to pill around the thumbs. Its somewhat annoying, but not that big of deal. I doubt I will use the cashmerino for a second pair of warmers, which I will just have to make once these wear out, or get too pilly to wear in public. Maybe I'll use some alpaca yarn.  That would be nice. I've heard its warmer and softer than wool. That would be perfect.
I just talked to a good friend of mine. He is currently going to nursing school to be a RN. Once he is done with school he is going to do a travel nurse program, so that he can live in different cities in the US. I am so terribly jealousE. It makes me just want to move out of Michigan and experience something different. Yeah, it would become the same as time goes one, but there is excitement in learning a new city, starting a new job, seeing different places, etc. etc. etc. If we hadn't bought the house, I would really be pushing for a move right now. Its not like the economy is very good here, and with the new Ford layoffs, its not going to be getting any better. Maybe in a year or two, once J has more experience at his job, we can start looking into new cities.  I'm thinking I would like to look into St. Louis, the Carolinas, and maybe as far away as Georgia. Tennessee might be okay too, but I would want to live near one of the big cities there. But this is just from what I think would be good. I have no knowledge of the job markets, educational systems (as I want a masters), and even neighborhoods, crime, and cost of living. I just don't want to spend my whole life looking at the same buildings I'd looked at the day before. This was not a good day for Carl to call.

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