Friday, December 16, 2005

Open Letter

Dear Snowmobile Jerk,
I do not care if you ride your snow-machine through my yard. Yes, its mildly annoying (and not to mention disrespectful) to have a pristine snow covered yard ruined by the tracks of your toy, but its not like I am THAT anal about my yard. I do care that the evening after each and every substantial snowfall this year you have run over the Korean Lilac Bush I planted this summer. I realize that it just looks like some sticks poking out of the snow, but I assure you, that this is a living plant that may or may not bloom now because of your mistreatment. Last night, we strung a yellow rope across the yard as a deterrent to your inability to steer around obstacles. If this does not help, I may just contact the police for trespassing.
Thank you for your kind cooperation,
The gardening chick from the red brick house.


  1. I just wanted to say that I am a snowmobiler and jerks like that give us all a bad name. Stay on the side of the road or on marked trails! Grrrr. Hopefully he'll stay off now that you've put up the rope. You might want to tie some caution tape to it to make sure it's visible so he doesn't get gillotined. (all that blood would REALLY ruin the pristine white snow)

  2. We tied some rags to the line so hopefully we won't see blood. :) I like my lilacs, but not that much!