Thursday, December 29, 2005

Only 2 Days Late!

The wrist-warmers are DONE!! They were finished yesterday. I started a “Finished Objects Gallery” on Flickr, just click the link in the side bar. I’ve also started my FMB, with Cascade 220 yarn. I bought a set of Addi Turbo’s too. I wanted to try them out, so I did the gage swatch with them, they are so nice! They take a little getting used to, especially after using the wooden ones. But I’m very happy with my purchase.

On Christmas Day we had to go to J’s step-dads (Scott) family’s gathering. I took my knitting because I don’t really get talked to very much there. We visit there three or four times a year, so I don’t really expect much. One of Scott’s sisters noticed my knitting and asked what I was making. I told her and showed her the one I had finished. She then asked me to make a set for her and she would pay me for it. I was nice about it, but I said that it would be very expensive for me to knit them for her, and that I had seen some similar for under $20 at American Eagle Outfitters, thinking that I charge minimum wage for my time, plus supplies, we’re looking between $50 and $100. I did not tell her that part, but I pretty much decided that I will not be knitting for money.

The finished wrist-warmers:

The yarn for my French Market Bag:

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