Monday, December 12, 2005

I don't want to work, I want to KNIT

I was so busy painting the kitchen this weekend I didn't get a change to finish wrist-warmer #1. I am so disappointed in myself. I did manage 1 row at during lunch time today, which means I've only got 4 more to go. Maybe tonight, depending on how the Christmas shopping goes. Tonight my mom and I are going shopping for my fiancé, J. I plan on getting him a few little things for his stocking, and one or two bigger items just to round out my budget. We had to tighten up the budget a little bit this year for everyone's gifts, and we have done a darned good job at sticking with it. And on to the topic of the moment- Christmas Shopping! Yes, I am ALMOST done. This weekend, in between coats of green paint in the kitchen, J and I got nearly all of our Christmas shopping done in ONE trip. We just need one more little thing for J's step-dad. All in all, even without picking up the needles, it was a very productive weekend. The kitchen looks beautiful. Its "Zen Green" with white trim. It looks so much cleaner than the yellowy-cream color the walls and trim were before. I may take some pics tonight and post later. I spent some time researching some new features for my blog, including a side bar with project status.

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