Friday, December 02, 2005

Duke the Jerk

My Cat. I love him, but some days it’s hard not to lock him in a closet. I tell myself that he won’t be crazy forever, but sometimes I wonder about him. He has this wonderful habit of getting into trouble. He knows that he should not be on this dining table or on the kitchen counters, but where does he go when we leave a room? I get nervous when I hear him jump off something in the kitchen and I don’t see him next to the dryer. I don’t want him to be eating people food from the counters, so we have to be extra careful about cleaning up after meals.

The most recent trouble Duke has gotten into was partially my fault. I should really know better than to leave my knitting lying around. I left my wrist-warmer in progress out on a TV tray when I went to bed the other night, and woke up to my knitting on the floor and my 5th needle under the couch. I didn’t think anything of it until I started to work on it. 2 of the needles have chewed tips that now snag the yarn as Im working with it. Tomorrow I’ll be making a run to the Vintage Yarns in Lambertville to get another set of needles. I just wish there was a nice LYS closer to my house.

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