Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas Shopping

So Ive started my christmas shopping. Last year completley freaked me out because I thought car insurance for me and my fiance was due January 1st. Luckly it wasnt due until February, but Ive decided that it will be my goal to be half way done by Thanksgiving, preferably starting after Halloween. Hows it going this first year of trying to meet my goal? Not too good. I at least know what Im going to get my parents, and while I have already bought my mom's gift, I have not gone to get my dad's. And I still dont know what to get my sister. The wrist warmers have not grown but a few rows. But that will change tonight. Fiance and I are going out to see the Harry Potter movie with another couple. That means the girl and I will knit and the guys will play cards. I fully expect to hit 5 inches by the end of the evening, and maybe even start my buttonhole! I'll post more work in progress pics next week.

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